Oh hi there Kirsty Ward Aw14, colder climbs call for warm tones to mirror nature of the season. The rich tones of green black purple and cream from the textured womenswear collection that begs to be layered,  are translated into the statement jewellery and second time bag collaboration with Williams handmade.
What materials were used?
For the AW14 jewellery collection we used hand bent aluminium loops and coils, faceted crystals, faceted glass beads, oxidised black metal clasps,  jump rings, and silver findings. For the garments: neoprene, lace, cotton, coated wool, short fringe and net.
Kirsty Ward jewellery AW14 1
When designing the collection do you think about the clothes first or the jewellery?
The jewellery and the garments are designed side by side, although I often leave clean necklines on the garments so they work with the larger pieces.
What was the design process in the collaboration with WB handmade?
We initially start with colour matching the leather to the colours we’re using that season. For AW14 we also wanted some textured leather so chose to put perforated panels in some of the bags. Then we decided on a rounded shape. Sarah makes all the samples then I embellish them using the techniques I’ve used in the jewellery.
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