A Night In Paris

So how do you feel about going to Paris, right now? The second day of the Courvoisier trip proved to be the most wonderful, and weird, but I will get back to that later. The morning actually started at the Courvoisier Chateau where guests were regaled with a cocktail masterclass. Two bartenders were pitted against each other to make the best cocktail, with Courvoisier as the base of course, to be able to stay on the rest of the trip. Two mystery boxes, a 20 minute timer, showmanship, a Leia wig and Jedi gown later, and a winner was victorious.

The evening came releatively quickly after a fabulous brunch by the lake, followed by a train ride in a first class carriage.  A Courvoisier envelope was waiting in my suite, and I followed the clues that eventually led to the official invite that was in the safe, to the 5* Hotel Raphael rooftop bar. Is there anything more beautiful than Paris at night? This was my first time in Paris, and what a first impression, with a stunning view of a Parisienne cityscape and glittering Eiffel Tower. The night was full of entertainment from a musical serenade, to tear jerking poem, absolute horror at gross out magic, and dancing. Well others let loose, I danced, but felt so rusty, I am way too used to dancing to Poppa Pig and what not.

Paris at night

The morning after

One thing I can say about Courvoisier is they know how to pick a hotel, both nights the beds was so plush and comfortable I haven’t had such a good nights sleep in years. The morning was all about the wind down and the journey home. We convened at Le Pavillion de Luc a restaurant set in a picturesque park, and after a lovely brunch was given some time to walk around. There is nothing more disconcerting than walking over a very wobbly bridge, especially when it is so high up and you are literally the only one holding on for dear life to the side rail, whilst others are nonchalantly walking or jogging across.

You know you have been spoilt when it actually took a couple of days to readjust to being home. Normally I can’t wait to be home with my babies after some time away, but all those first class train rides, gourmet brunches, and delicious cocktails still have me pining for the high life. Thank you again to the entire Courvoisier team, I truly had a blast.