“Have you ever fallen over and hurt yourself? I bet you have. And then have you wished that someone would come along and give you a hug and make you feel better? Well, Little Miss Hug is just that person. Like the time she found Little Miss Tiny after she had fallen off the kerb.”

Little Miss Hug

Mr Miss have added to the rosta with the adorable Little Miss Hug, who just wants to make you happy.  Her extra special arms fit around whoever she is hugging, and the short and sweet tale takes the kids around the Mr Men & Little Miss world with hugs. The Free Little Miss Hug App works with the book, very basic, but a lovely colourful addition to the book. For the Art you grew up with series, Selfridges have released a limited edition artwork print of the cover.  Little Miss Hug is a great addition to the childrens library, not only as an ideal bedtime read, but a lesson in being kind.