LC:M Day 1

Astrid Anderson Matthew Miller LCM AW14 Ada + Nik Jonathon Saunders


London Collection: Mens seems to be going from strength to strength.  It is not lost on us the afterthought it used to be at London Fashion week, as we discussed in the uber confines of the LCM Apartment how much it truly now has become a destination in its own right; proven by Marcel who flew in from his home in New York to be part of the three-day faire.   I packed my Mi Pac to the hilt, with lenses, tickets and my Surface 2, and made my way to Astrid Anderson, taking street style snaps from the queue.  As soon as the final walk was done, and the designer did her obligatory run ( which looked like a walk of shame, head up girl the collection was good) and bow, I made my way to the Topman show space to capture the pretty people, as they brandished their red tickets with pride, and air kissed the PR ( shut up I am not bitter I wasn’t invited, and the irony is by saying it may seem I am bitter but I am not, anyway Burberry already made it rain). Next it was a backstage stint to shoot the AOFM grooming team, and interview Lead makeup artist Michelle Webb, as they worked their magic on the Matthew Miller models.

 Jonathon Saunders LCM AW14 presentation

Jonathon Saunders

I was very excited for the Jonathon Saunders presentation I was shooting front of house for Volt Magazine and it didn’t disappoint.  The warehouse setting of the Old Sorting office, offset the clean cut lines, and vibrant print of the collection.  Don’t tell anyone but I missed a couple of things as I just wanted to chill at the apartment, I was starving, and refuelled on some Shake Shack, watched a live taping of Braun, cleaning up Toni, and coming first place on an Xbox, car race. Last but not least was the Ada + Nik catwalk show, Freelance Make up artist Krishna , and my new beauty guru, was on the job, backstage and street styling so I cant wait to show you what he did.  He was the one that convinced me to have a quick drink, and I am glad he did as I was able to photograph some very stylish men in the process.

Later Day 1, As I am typing this day 2 is already here, follow me on Instagram @adorngirl, and twitter to keep up with my LCM updates my first show is front of house at Margaret Howell