Short of holding hands in pairs it was like walking in some sort of fashion school trip as press, and industry made our orderly way from Hackney House to Factory 7 which housed the 2012 LCF BA exhibition.  Contour, Cordwainers, and dresses on live models, were presented in the huge warehouse space, cleverly (and I am not sure if it was to energy-efficient or to make sure we hung around long enough to see each piece) suspended glass boxes which had a timed light to reveal jewellery creations of animal print enamel bangles by Liron Kliger, spiked, and curved gold rings by Helene Torp-Holte, intricately carved intertwined hands by Francesca Smith and innovative ‘skipping rope’ shoes by Stefanie kerschbaumer.  There was so much talent to see, and it was great to se the students behind the work, mark my words I was right about Spain winning euro 2012 winning and I am kicking myself that I didn’t put money on it, but here are my predictions pay close attention to Robert Wun, Lydia Freeborn, and Francesca Smith I will put money on these bright young things being on everyones lips in a few years time.