Graduate Fashion Week 2015 has officially closed and Menswear Designer scooped the gold prize. Heavy hitters London College of Fashion are gearing up for their BA Fashion graduate catwalk.  In fashion it is always a good idea to be inspired and find point of references from the past. Here are a few of my ones to watch on their muses, inspirations and describing their collection in five words.

Nathalie Ballout

Course: BA Fashion Textiles; Embroidery

Talk us through your final collection:

My final collection comprises of garment based ‘installations’ that are created instinctively around the human form alongside fully up-cycled denim pieces.

Describe your work in five words…

Exciting, organic, wire-y, one-off, youthful!

What inspires you?

Big thinkers and craftsmanship.

Rosemary Lambert

Course: Fashion Design Technology:womenswear

Talk us through your final collection.

I was initially inspired by the Russian photographer Boris Mikhailov who documented a section of society as they became homeless after the fall of the Soviet Union. The portrayal of awkwardness and sadness juxtaposed with the beauty of community inspired the mood of the collection.
Relevant imagery collected from the library’s archives combined with garments sourced from charity shops strengthened my research and informed design development. The 6 looks I produced all originated from a piece of clothing taken apart and manipulated back together into something new.

 What techniques or theories did you use to create your final piece of work?

I unpicked clothing to reveal the pattern pieces and experimented with these. I combined adding sections with taking others away and coupled this with experimental construction techniques to develop a very personal draping technique.

Describe your work in five words…

Intricate, thoughtful, odd, delicate, imperfect.

Do you have a muse? If so, who and why?

My friends are my muses. The personal touches they put into their aesthetics I work into my designs.

Harriett Brown

Course: BA Fashion Textiles

Where did the inspiration behind your collection come from?

Inspiration behind my collection was quite simply my family. Coming from a family where a hands-on approach within our own creative learning is fully respected and encouraged. Art within schools has been greatly influential in many great minds of the yesteryears and therefore the concept of eliminating this from the future generation did not register with approval. This proposal would affect my brother, our youngest sibling and so the collection grew from there.

What have you found the most challenging about your degree?

I have found the written elements the most challenging but even though it’s been the hardest thing it’s also been the most rewarding as the school has really encouraged me to do well and push my self by utilising all the support they offer. I really feel I have progressed considerably in the 3 years and feel far more confident.

What advice would you give to aspiring designers?

I would say don’t get hung up on what everyone else is doing, maintain individuality and don’t follow current trends, as an aspiring designer you are the new fashion for the future.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to build my knowledge within the world of fashion further, working alongside a great team that would help me push my own abilities and hopefully becoming a valued asset there, then eventually I hope to do an MA.