Christmas has crept up ( well technically we have been pulling our Hema crackers and putting up lights from November Ist) and it can be easy to get caught up and stressed about gift giving. One way to approach buying gifts is quality over quantity. A good gift should be something they will cherish and want to hold on to forever. Here is a curated selection of perfect gifts to splurge, but are a complete investment.

luxury christmas gift guide

Roja Un Amore Eterno
roja parfums un amore eterno

For luxury fragrance lovers there can only be bespoke fragrance house Roja Parfums. A favourite, Un Amore Eterno is a unisex, complex elegant gourmand. Aromatic and spicy,  the rich warm and powdery luxury eau de parfum rests so beautifully on the skin.

“Each perfume from the Profumi D’Amore collection evokes the different chapters of a love story from the very first moment passion is ignited, to a declaration of love, ending with a love affair that lasts forever. A passionate love letter in fragrant form.”

Roja Dove

GHD premium copper Luxe

ghd premium styler gift set

I definitely have a thing for GHD and the brand have featured many times on the blog.  The  limited edition GHD platinum in copper luxe, is the latest lust worthy addition to the range. For Christmas consider the GHD platinum styler gift set. Each limited edition gift set comes complete with a quilted heat-resistant bag to stow away your new styler, and two limited Nails Inc. nail polishes exclusively in light shimmering gold and a deep, smokey copper.

Parker Inguenity

Is it bad that I am already counting down to 2017?  It is just that I am excited to fill my Aspinal of London 2017 diary from Labels for Lunch, with plenty of scrawlings with the latest Parker pen. This is probably the one occasion where someone would be very excited to get a pen for Christmas. The new Ingenuity Deluxe encompasses the style of a fountain pen with the simplicity of a rollerball ball point.  The smart glide tip is in a fixed but flexible position, so it can easily adjust to every uniqe curve of your writing style.  They can look forward to using it for their calligraphy skills and illustrating.

Frends Layla Rose Gold
rose gold frends headphones

Arguably the most stylish headphones around, Frends headphones are Instagram and Pinterest gold. Rose gold Layla  can easily become an obsession. Premium sound in a compact size, this can be a way to introduce them to the luxe range or complete it, as they can be changed up with just the caps.

Cartier La Panthère
cartier panthere perfume gift set

cartier panthere perfume gift set

The Cartier Le Panthere is a captivating fragrance designed to  reveal a free-spirited graceful and rebellious woman.  The fragrance is sensual with bold floral accord – chypre. created by perfumer Mathilde Laurent from central notes of gardenia and animalistic musk.  Think about the woman who will spray  the scent on her wrists before she stacks on her  Cartier bracelets.