Makeup 54

Instagram is arguably a platform in its own right and that is where you will find the beginnings of Makeup 54 a beauty/photography project between Alice Luker, award-winning fashion photographer and Anna Priadka, international MUA for NARS. The project will feature a cast of top industry models and promising new faces, celebrating a diversity of ethnicity, gender, size, age and individuality within the industry in addition to artists represented by model agencies- actors/ actresses, singers.

@Makeup54_ has launched on Instagram, featuring sharp, minimalistic polaroid images in square format inspired by polaroids by Andy Warhol et al of the Studio 54 era.  Each shot will showcase both the model’s facial features and makeup look, with no styling par minimal jewellery, focusing on real beauty beyond the realms of Photoshop.

1.How did the collaboration come about?

Alice: Anna and I have been working together for a number of years now and have always found ourselves on the exact same wavelength creatively. We’ve spoken of ongoing projects together since day one but sometimes timing is key.  With so much industry experience now under our belts we have the combined skill to launch Makeup 54 with a bang!

Anna: Echoing what Alice said above, I think we have always just ‘got’ where each other has been coming from when it comes to working together. As a makeup artist it is always important that a photographer shoots your work in a way that is complimentary to the makeup and the skill. She also has as much passion and drive as me when it comes to her work which is what moves it along and keeps everything evolving. For a continuous collaboration like this that is key.

Patricia @ MiLK


2. What were you inspirations for the name Makeup 54?

Alice: Both myself and Anna LOVE the Studio 54 era, it was so vivacious and free-spirited. We also love how all embracing it was, with individuality celebrated, from race, size, gender, age; none of these mattered as they all shared the same goal to look and be fabulous in their own skin.

Alongside the glamour and celebrity there was an underpinning of rawness which was so alluring, especially in Andy Warhol’s polaroids of Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger, Bianca Jagger and Debby Harry. To me, polaroids almost appear as a window to the soul, an intimate portrait of calm amidst the glitz and glamour. To embrace this feeling of reality in Makeup 54, our images are un-retouched.

3. Will the focus be on the model, or the makeup look?

Alice: As a combined photography/ makeup project, the marriage of both is really important to us. We really want to represent the diversity of the world we live in now and plan to feature men, older and plus sized models and drag queens as well as the industry standard of young female models. We want to install and inspire confidence to be who you want to be.

Anna: The marriage of both is important- although I think it could always shift between the two. For me both are equal, it’s about enhancing the models existing beauty with a makeup that is equally as beautiful and captivating.

4. Will it feed into trends or create them?

Anna: To keep the aesthetic true to our inspiration of Studio54, it wasn’t intended to be trend based. Rather a collection of makeup looks that suit each individuals character loosely following the glamour and audacious spirit of that era. However they always say that trends are created from past looks that evolve so if I’d choose one I’d like to say create rather than feed.

Thank you @Alice_Luker & @annapriadka for entrusting me so early on with your project look out for some exclusive behind the scenes, and I can’t wait to see everything develop.