There seems to be a million and one shopping apps out there and I get emails from probably half of them letting me know about how their particular shopping app will essentially change my life, and how I shop. Mallzee actually caught my eye because of the high street brands I essentially shop from online already, from Asos to Urban Outfitters.  Key hand picked must haves from Bloggers and the Mallzee style team spanning the trend of the week, new in and smokin’ sales will have you uncovering gems. Laura Potter from  Tiny Twisst, Style Blogger and Vlogger is featured as part of the Mallzee Blogger showcase. Alongside a biography and interview, there is the chance to shop her look within the feature.   Once you choose and click an item to buy, you are redirected to the items respective brand on their full site.

Want to do more than shop? you can also set up Style Feeds, which are personalized streams of clothes tailored to you. Save and buy for later and even give likes, and thumbs down to pieces, and genuinely share on social media if you need advice about whether to buy ( not thinly veiled affiliate links).

Unfortunately the app is not available on the Windows store, so a no go for my Windows Nokia Lumia, but for the rest of the world who are Apple aficionados, is ready to download from the Apple store, so promptly downloaded (for free) to my husband’s ipad mini. You will like this app if you like to shop across a diverse amount of brands in one place. The offering is very varied so if you want something more refined, just filter the results if you are looking for something specific. If there is something that you like don’t wait too long as it could be out of stock, I had my eye on this Kaftan on Mallzee, but when redirected to Asos it was out of stock. This app is actually good for those who don’t even know what they necessarily need and just want a quick browse for something new, or would be great in a last-minute fashion emergency.

Do you already use Mallzee, would be great to hear what you think about it?