Krishna J. is very much a long term friend and I have seen him grow personally and professionally and I am so proud to see him standing as the Head of Design of the urban nail bar Reecey Roos, so I had to have him as my latest one to watch. We talked nails, trends and the importance of practice.

Krishna J Makeup and nail artist

Reecey Roos nail artAs a makeup artist how did you go down the pathway of nail art?

I used to work at makeup brand Inglot, and there was such a great selection of nail art pens, that when the shop was empty I would practice nail art on my colleagues.  A friend of mine really encouraged me to take on nail art further, and after a couple of years freelancing, I came to work at Reecey Roos.

It was so strange as I would see  this really cool place in Camberwell on the way to those other jobs, and one day I just decided to go in. Claryce Tuck the CEO and owner of Reecey Roo’s  happened to be there  and I found out that it was a nail art bar. I laid it all out and let her know that I wasn’t a professional nail artist and I had no training but I was very fast learner and would work hard and  she took a chance on me, and over time I have developed and named as  head of design.

In store both here at the Camberwell HQ, and the Topshop concession is where you will see a lot of my designs. I really see doing nails as art, there is so much we can do, and when a customer asks for something quite basic, I offer up suggestions which always surprise them as they didn’t know it could be possible. We do a lot of events, like the past Vogue Festival, and Claryce will supply me a brief which I then correspond with the rest of the technicians, tell them what I want, come up with new designs, see what they come up with then I put the final ideas back to Claryce, for final approval.

Reecey Roos nail art

With LFW coming up do you look to fashion for inspiration when creating new nail art designs?

Fashion and beauty all correspond there are certain nail polish brands who launch new collections based on fashion trends. I particularly love Models own, especially Models own China Glaze. It’s not something for the general public, it is more of an industry thing. I love their colours it is always so much fun, affordable and chop resistant.  Essie are cool, I prefer them for manicures, because of the looser watery consistency which doesn’t compromise on pigment, so they are incredible.

What would you say was the most important element for aspiring nail Artists to know?

Somebody once told me that you can be taught everything but it’s no good without practice. That is probably why I am so good at what I do. I have only been creating nail art for a year, and I have learnt on the job, it is all about practice. You can stay in college for years and years, but them you go on to actually do the job. You come across all different kinds of people styles and nails. If a nail goes wrong, with that practice you will know how to adjust and what to fix it for that paying customer.



Krishna J Makeup and nail artist

What is next for you?

I am a professional makeup artist and makeup is still my number one love, and I love doing nail art it is so much fun for me, youtube is next. Reecey Roo’s has my full dedication but I am looking forward to creating Tutorials, which are fresh funky with lots of personality with that mix of both makeup and nails.