The new release of  Modern Muse Nuit aims to epitomise an essence seductive as the night.  The core  message is about being an inspiration, with Kendall Jenner at the forefront. It is no surprise that the breakout star has become an Estee Lauder beauty ambassador as she is young, cool and captivating, and it made me contemplate who exactly is my modern muse?


Top notes: Cassis, mandarin orange

Middle notes: Heliotrope, chamomile, Chinese Jasmine

Base notes: Vanilla, amber, Clearwood, sandalwood


Estee Lauder Modern Muse Nuit review

There is a delicate  balance between the woody and sweet notes of the Floriental eau de parfum which is clean, subtle and sultry. This is for the night, so get close to enjoy the scent.  So who exactly is my modern  muse? I have a few, it is incredible to see women of colour doing so well in the industry. When I was younger I didn’t feel like there was many except for Naomi Campbell and Iman as part of the mainstream. Just like the sophistication of Modern muse nuit,  I look to Estee Lauder spokes model Joan Smalls, young rebel Willow Smith, and beguiling actresses  Lupita Nyong’o and Kerry Washington.


Who is your modern muse?