You can’t swing a Mulberry (in my case a Bracher Emden) without hitting a person wearing a beat by Dr. D headset, and to be honest I am not a fan. A, because everyone has them, and 3. I can hear exactly what they are listening to, and I want to keep my questionable playlist to myself thanks.  When it came time to review a set from the Molami range I gravitated towards the Twine black and gold silk headphones, they are not something I have seen before. I almost changed my mind opting for a more traditional design, because how could something that looked like a headband have a good sound quality?

Molami Twine black & gold silk headphones

I like my music nice and loud and like to tune people out,  this headpiece is impressive, it appeals to my vanity made  in black silk and chiffon, with gold adjustable tabs to align the speakers to your ears, and looks like an accessory.   The sound quality is excellent, plenty of bass, it can be a bit fiddly as you try to clip it in place but once done  It stays put. Definitely a great luxury investment or gift that makes a lasting impression.