When it comes to parties I like to play it low key, with attention to fun details.   Why go out to the cinema when you can create your own special premiere experience, and  catch your favourite films with your girls at home. Set the scene with vintage striped popcorn boxes filled to the brim with Propercorn, and your favourite Funkin Cocktails. Set up the Netflix, and ‘candy bar’  (classic sweets selection in clear glass bowls) where your friends can pic ‘n’ mix what they like. Drink Funkin Mojitos, Pina Coladas, and Funkin dead celeb coolers, boozy with dark rum, through silly straws with moustaches.

Party Games

  • Movie Bingo-If you are planning on reminiscing in 90’s classics, design your own cards, put cult phrases or expressions in different squares, and see who calls out Bingo! when they complete a row. This game is calling for something like Clueless or Mean girls.
  • Film quiz-Make a quiz related to the type of film you have chosen, or specific details about the film you have just watched. If the film was ‘The Devil wears Prada’, the trivia could be films starring Meryl Streep, or Designers mentioned during the film.
  • Photo booth-After the film turn your group selfies into a photo booth, complete with photo props that you can find on Etsy, or your local Poundland.

Propercorn sweet ginger and orange

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