I have to admit that sometimes when I hear about an obscure holiday whether its pizza day or curry week I do roll my eyes, just a little. Sometimes it really makes me wonder who actually comes up with this stuff. I thought I may take a different approach to chocolate week though, as it actually returns for a 12th consecutive year. The week celebrates the world of fine chocolate from 10th to 16th October 2016. Even though I may use it as an excuse to eat as much chocolate as I can; Chocolate Week aims to promote independent artisan chocolatiers and the chocolate companies who work in direct partnership with cocoa farmers, encouraging consumers to pay a fairer price for their chocolate. It’s funny to think that the treat we enjoy so much started out as the ‘food of the gods.’ The Aztecs traded with the Mayans for cocao beans, which were so coveted that they were used as currency.


doisy and dam chocolate

For pure indulgence there is always household favourite Gu Puds. I can’t get enough of the vanilla and chocolate cheesecake. In 2016 there is more to discover with innovative chocolate brands like Doisy and Dam creating superfood infused chocolate bars.  They are not at all run of the mill pairings. Think curated flavours like Maple, toasted rice and pink salt; alongside sumptuous dark chocolate roasted cocoa nibs.  For true lovers of chocolate, you may have heard about the chocolate school run by Rococo chocolate.  The artisans run an intimate variety of workshops, classes and tastings for adults and children from beginner to expert. I still practice my Tiffin.

gu puds chocolate and vanilla cheesecake

Gu Puds

Moreish is thy name Milky Mischief by Monty Bojangles. The luxury chocolate truffle drops are so delicious, dusted in a bitter-sweet cocoa. Enjoy on their own, grated over a freakshake or added to affogoto. Explore and discover recipes how much you can really do with truffles. Find yourself by Liverpool street? step into the London Sreakhouse company for classic steak and a chocolate cocktail!

How are you celebrating national chocolate week?