Original Post Ideas for LFW

Xuefi Wang

I have been photographing at London Fashion week for around four seasons now, and I really want to mix up my content a little. As Bloggers we have the advantage over print magazines to create more original content faster. Fine, all the looks may be up on Style.com within hours but the crux of the season is summed up months later in their limited edition collections, and runway edit issues.  This upcoming fashion week is another opportunity to showcase to your readers, your perspective on fashion and beauty, and really giving them an insiders look. It is easy to forget that a lot of people are not inside this fashion bubble. This is apparently obvious when you see features on shows like Lorraine, and This morning talking about the crazy world of fashion, and “oh look is that what people really wear?” Here are some original post ideas outside simply covering the show, that I think your readers will love.

London Fashion Week Posts Ideas: Catwalk

  • The soundtrack to LFW AW15
  • Top Model. A spotlight on a one to watch model or a round-up of your favourite models from the season,
  • Vlog and video the catwalk show
  • The Frow. Round up of the Editors and taste makers adorning the front row across LFW.
  • Accessorise. A post dedicated solely to shoes, accessories and jewellery from the catwalk.
  • Hair and Beauty.  You don’t need to be at the show thanks to live stream so get together your pick of the best make-up and hair looks and do a post on how to re-create it.
  • Create a Debate. Was there enough diversity on the catwalk? Putting on a show versus commercial?  Did you actually like the collection?
  • All in the detail.  Put that zoom lens to work, Honey ( *bend and snap)  and only shoot close up
  • Shopping Guide.  Create a shopping mood board for the clothes people can buy now, inspired by catwalk looks that remember is a preview to the upcoming winter or spring summer looks.

London Fashion Week Post Ideas: Street Style

  • Street style models off duty
  • Focus on a trend. Do you remember that season when everyone seemed to have pony hair? If you spot a common theme at AW15, take plenty of pictures and do your own micro trend report.
  • Instavideo: Street style doesn’t have to be static, have your subject break down their look on an instagram video. You can take it further by having a full Vlog of great street style looks over the week.
  • Interview: The Somerset House courtyard is a great place to talk to new and interesting people. Look beyond the clothes and ask along the lines of why are they at fashion week? what shows have they seen? and what they are looking forward to?

I hoped these few topics and subject helped in some way, hopefully I will be seeing you at London Fashion Week.

*Pictures and video are by me from the London College of Fashion MA15 catwalk show at LC:M.