After the nostalgia of the 80’s with catwalk to cover the V&A and Qatar museums authority will now be hosting a major exhibition on the natural history of  the humble  pearl.  Pearls traces the origins of the coveted gem across cultures,  steering you through the craft of pearl fishing across the Arabian Gulf to Europe and Asia. On display are over 200 pieces of works of art and jewellery including  the pearl drop worn by Charles I, and magnificent pearl tiaras, to the present day with jewellery luxury brands such as Bulgari and Yoko featured.  Pearls are old money, it doesn’t need to scream its wealth, long being associated with royalty, glamour and status.   I like the fact that the exhibition is simple and understated but still so beautiful which appropriately reflects the subject matter. The exhibition will be open from 21 September 2013-19 January 2014.