All those months ago listening to curator Deborah Nadoolman Landis talk about how the next major V&A  exhibition would come together, press were teased with just the Dorothy and Jack Sparrow costumes. Now the highly anticipated V&A Hollywood costume exhibition is imminent. Sponsored by Harry Winston, expect to be regaled with a costume archive that took over 5 years to obtain, and is a veritable checklist of hollywood cinema nostalgia. Dorothys red ruby slippers, the Isadora Diamond worn by Kate Hudson in ‘How to lose a guy.. but what was so surprising  and refreshing about the exhibition that it was just an homage to the glamour of cinema but crossed genres; the slick suits of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in Fight club, the full attire of Indiana Jones, and screens made of dancing words revealing Jessica Rabbit.  Spread over three rooms telling the story of costume design from deconstruction, dialogue and the finale there is really something for everyone.  I was  not expecting such a vast collection and bravo for the actual presentation, as I said the clothes are the second character within a film as I instantly recognised classics Hitchcocks ‘The birds’ and ‘Moulin rouge’ by the tableaux alone.  A beautiful touch was the reveal of how garments would have been seen in the black and white golden age of cinema, and the reveal of the true vibrant colour was stunning.  The Major exhibition opens 20th October and runs until 27th January, all I can say is don’t forget to look up you might miss the blue and red of the hero costumes, and a mysterious leather figure as she conveys her surroundings from above.