Happy new year! It may be crazy to make all this fuss moving from a Tuesday to a Wednesday, but the start of the new year is really about new possibilities.  I didn’t do the 2013 roundup of posts, you were there throughout 2013, you saw, so for me it’s about living more in the present and getting excited about the future.  I chose the Pringle of Scotland SS14 presentation to illustrate the 2014 clean slate and pure white blank canvas, we all hope 2014 will bring, there is always something a little daunting about making that first mark on a fresh piece of white paper.

My resolutions (which I fully intend to keep) are a lot more realistic than previous years from developing the blog, making the mini adorn-kids into a destination within its own right to honing my craft, improving my editing skills ( both PhotoShop and video)  and learning more of the technical side of my camera ( I already shoot manual but so much more features to utilise with the Canon 650d).  Keep up with Adorngirl this year through Facebooktwitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Tumblr  because there are lots of exciting things for each platform in the pipeline, that I know you will love!

Did you make new year resolutions?