Honestly the first time I heard the term slow living, I didn’t really know how to feel about it.  I assumed the lifestyle choice was solely adopted for normcore minimalists. Blogs like Me and Orla, Love Aesthetics. and Girl a la Mode come to mind;  all three women seem to embrace the slow living cause with ease.  Delving deeper into the philosophy it really is a basic concept of being mindful. You have to  take a conscious effort to take your time, and be appreciative of the moment.  We are all busy and life is certainly hectic.

I understand that most being a single mum of four.  In that same breath, having kids has actually taught me to slow down, and prioritise what is actually important day-to-day. I am a lot less stressed because I feel no way about saying no.  I don’t go to every single event for the blog, partly because I need a babysitter, and partly because it is nice to have the evening to spend quality time with the kids, and wind down before bed. I thought it would be nice to put together a short post, about how to adopt aspects of slow living into your everyday.

how to live a slow lifestyle

How to live a slow life
  • Put your phone down, In fact just put it away. The Twitter and Instagram algorithms were implemented for a reason. Use that while you were away feature to catch up on your favourite accounts. You will actually be more productive if you pry your phone out of your hands. You won’t die if you just put your phone away in a  drawer for an hour or so, even if it just once a day. Put your phone away also applies to going out. I know its part of my job to snap and instagram exactly what I am doing every second of the day.  Most of the time I am enjoying myself too much, too ruin the moment.
  • Declutter.  I can’t stress enough how therapeutic a good clear out is. Your home will be cleaner, everything is more organised and you will feel better. You will cut down on that faffing time of not remembering where you put things, because it will all have its place. Every single thing in your home should be something you love.  Donate those unread books to a local library or charity shop, heck even make some money by selling what you don’t need on Ebay.
  • Order in.  I don’t necessarily mean a takeaway but that’s fine too, I am not about cooking every single day. As an Amazon Prime member I get access to Amazon Prime Now, which means a home delivery within three hours the same day, of just what I need. Try putting in your food shop into the app and pick the time slot that means it can be delivered after you get home from that long commute. No ridiculous long line at the supermarket or end of day stale fruit and veg, everything is delivered directly to you in paper bags.
  • Try a different route.  My everyday routine is repetitive and it can feel a bit like being a hamster on the wheel. We all have to work or go on the school run, its unavoidable.  Try if you can, to take a different route. Slow living means coming off autopilot, so even though it may be small, me and the kids walk a slightly different route home after school.
  • Leave it until later.  Whatever task, ask yourself can it wait? “But everything will pile up!” I didn’t say do nothing. just concentrate on one or two things at a time. After dinner I don’t wash up the dishes straight away. I pile it in the sink with hot soapy water and chill. I just ate! I do it when the I put the kids to bed.

I really could go on and on but you get the jist. Take the time for yourself, make the effort to carve out time for you. It is worth it.