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Pick Me Up


copyright © Adorngirl: Somerset House

Decided to try something new and expand my blogger horizon, and joined a network for designers, creatives, clients and friends called Glug London.  My first official Glug meeting was the Pick Me Up, contemporary Art fair at Somerset House, there were going to be talks, graphic designers, and live printing demonstrations; things were already starting to look up.  Unfortunately there was a huge turnout, and there was no more space for the talks, but I still got to see some great work.  The highlight of the space was easily ’Ryan town,’ completely  dedicated to the intricate paper cuts, and screen prints of Rob Ryan.  He actually moved his studio in to the exhibition specially, and featured 3/4 assistants painstakingly cutting out woodland patterns from one large sheet. His work is so inspirational, and I will do a later post of all the pictures I took. 

Peep Show

The Art Fair was also interactive, and the Peep Show collective offered an opportunity to create your own print for £3 (bargain!)  I picked the blocks I wanted, and rearranged them on the board, but I needed to take pictures, so I had 3 lovely assistants to do the printing for me (result).  

 If you’re in the market to discover new artists, and buy some original artwork, you will not be disappointed.  The fair will only be open to the 3rd May.

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