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Pom Poms, Dazzle, & A Jensen Rabbit

Even after seeing the collection backstage I was still excited to see the runway, and the spectacle didn’t disappoint against a backdrop of a vintage illustrated tableaux, complete with a neon Jensen rabbit signature.  Even if you are already familiar with Peter Jensen The Fashion in Motion catwalk was the ample opportunity to really see how his designs have evolved over ten years.  From the Continue reading

  • Peter Jensen V&A Fashion in Motion backstage
  • Peter Jensen V&A fashion in motion


This definitely wasn’t the usual flurry of clothes make-up, and hair that I was expecting of a backstage area, this time the models were poised needing only little touch ups to complete the looks.  The line up was like a live catalogue of the past ten years of the Peter Jensen archives, it was only fitting then Continue reading

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