The London College of Fashion BA 2014 graduate show finale was walked, merely a few hours ago.  We now know the collection of the year  was awarded to the ultra feminine collection designed by duo Victoria Smith & Hae-Na Kim. The best directional use of colour was awarded to  one of my ones to watch ( just saying) Sofia Ilomen, Jinhee Moon and, Mengna Ye. A big congratulations to them, but I wish there was an accessory, and jewellery award ( maybe there already is in-house) because these were the items that were pulling my focus away from the main collections, as I focused on getting the details before they whizzed past.  It is already an honour to be included as part of the main stage, as this is only a handful of the talent pool, the entire collective of 2014 can be observed in the exhibition (19-22 June Factory 7).

My standout favourite jewellery was by Vivian Ng. Her statement wire like earrings, arm bracelets, and oversized septum bull nose rings inspired by dystopia and decay; complemented but remained significant, paired with  deconstructed ripped denim by Sunjung Park, with dip dye textiles by Jesika JulyMarta Cesaro was both the Milliner and Designers, her mammoth floppy hats literally overshadowing her collection, ( which was one of my favourites FYI). phones got to clicking when the hat bounced down the catwalk. The Charlotte Bright slouchy clutches were reminiscent of the tops you tie around your waist, blink and you think these are suede blazers.  Wearing Laura Needle, you couldn’t be blamed to think the model decided to hold her jacket scrunched up in her hand. Cheuk wing Tiffany Ng proved bangles are for boys. The chunky bracelets, and ‘brace’ chokers made the streamlined menswear collection by Danielle Nichol have a bit more edge.

*All pictures were taken by me click on the galleries for fullscreen