Accessories sweetheart Lulu Guinness  teamed up with street artist Joseph Steele and creative art agency Beautiful Crime to create the Lulu Guinness Paint Project. Last night at the Old sorting office a specialised paint gun cannon shot paint explosions, decorating three of Guinness’ oversized clutch bags throughout the night.  These will  actually be auctioned on eBay for charity, other limited edition  pieces will be available to buy in Lulu Guinness stores.  It was a great night, with guest DJ Jameela Jamil literally bringing down the house, the packed crowd danced as if they would never dance again.  Drinks were flowing, guests were Pollocked (image of  paint spatter was projected on to you as you became a human Pollock painting) and silouhettes became the new photo booth as everyone was striking a poise on the changing Lulu lip screens, a great night!

*All pictures were taken by me and  are ©