The Sartorialist was one of my very first introductions to what a blog was. I would spend hours scrolling through his street style musings, even taking the time to enter his vintage style photo competition.  It is world book day so was only fitting to make a frothy coffee topped with my boomf marshmallows and devour Closer;  a completely new collection of candid photography from the streets of Brooklyn to the city of Paris.  Expect every image to be able to tell a story from the surprisingly mundane, fashion week style,  to the stolen moments when the subject just seems to be getting on with their day.  The book doesn’t have a typical flow, but this style cements the energy that showcases his ability to go with just what captures his imagination.  Of course there is Garance, with some scatterings of the author himself, but what I love is the mix of ages from the young child to the older distinguished gentlemen, style doesn’t age ( don’t believe those magazines that only ever photograph certain girls who more or less look the same,  in their late teens early twenties) and I love his tidbit about effortless chic

The Satorialist closer

“There is no such thing as effortless chic If you are secretly harbouring the dream that some day you will be able to consistently, thoughtlessly reach into your closet and pull out super chic ensemble, well, you are fighting a no win battle with yourself.”

This is a book for lovers of style and visual storytelling, Schuman introduction admits that his perception of the subject was more important than the actual labels, it wasn’t important about what they were wearing, but how he could romanticise an image

“Over the last seven years, I have found the imaginary wall  between me and my subjects dissolving, I find myself wanting to understand these individuals better.”

I managed to secure the Sartorialist Closer for just £8 in the Achica sale but for £20 this is still an investment book, that will have you revisiting your favourite images, making you wonder what the person was thinking, when they were looking into the distance, and what exactly was the woman saying into the phone that was getting her excited?