Need some help with what to do with the kids when sometimes there feels like nothing to do, when its raining?

Put on your Onesies

When its raining you are not going anywhere so you all might as well get comfortable. Mini Adorngirl loves her hello kitty onesie, and the kid loves his star print onesie when it comes time to pick their pyjamas.

Go on a photo safari

The mini adorn kids have their kidi zoom cameras, but for something a little more imaginative pull out the Fujifilm instax mini Polaroids. Set them a challenge, whether to make some ordinary look extraordinary, or set them a colour challenge finding objects of a specific shade. Why not a photo shoot? Mini Adorngirl likes to takes shots of her doll in different outfits.

playing cards

Play cards

Its a shame the mini adorn kids don’t yet grasp the concept of blackjack because that was the card game of my childhood. Snap is our go to, but the kids are sick of me winning so they won’t let me play anymore. Pairs is cool because you can either match colours or suits.

Play hide and seek 

We have a small space but to make hide and seek just that more interesting, play it blindfolded. That’s how me and my sisters used to play. It is hilarious to see the person stumbling and bumping into things they should know is there.

Read a book

Probably something the kids won’t be into but this is something you can do with kids of all ages, The mini Adorngirls love their little Miss Hug book. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a chapter book, do they have a favourite magazine?

In collaboration with George at Asda