I know the first time you see this post you will probably be thinking why is she still on about fashion week? I am not, well sort of. This is an archive post that never was, to commemorate throwback Thursday. I am taking my own advice by utilising my picture library and every Thursday will continue to post un unpublished photographs from past events and experiences that for some reason or other never made it past the draft folder. Looking back through my hard drive is like reminiscing through old family albums, and with six years of blogging, I have accumulated a hell of a lot of pictures and memories.

These are Simone Rocha highlights from my first and last Fashion East catwalk show, the blogging world is so fickle that even now with easily 20x more views and better photography Fashion East alludes me every season.  AW11 was the Fashion East season of James Long, Elliott Atkinson and the second outing of Simone Rocha.  I particularly remember waiting in the queue outside and John Rocha himself in the queue only a few people behind me.  He waited patiently whilst a few Editors ( and very established Blogger) crowded at the front at the dismay of the security blocking the pavement, as they couldn’t bear to queue like the rest of us.

Simone Rocha Fashion East catwalk

This would have been the season where I would have been literally running between venues as I tried to push through fashion week flu to get to 20+ shows thinly spread over the few days. At the time I was mesmerised by the craft and movement of James Long knitwear. and only covered his collection. Simone has gone from strength to strength and her opening act of sharp tailoring offset with chiffon, and touches of gingham meant press didn’t have to force fake smiles because of her father, She emerged as one to watch Designer in her own right and has been killing it ever since.