It will always be a good thing when style and charity come together. My favourite Photographer Tim Walker curated a special shoot for the extensive range party wear available in Oxfam stores featuring Mr Men characters. Roger Hargreaves’s humorous and entertaining children’s illustrations  prove to be a powerful means of spotlighting what can be found at Oxfam, whilst also supporting the cause. I mean seriously, I need that harlequin jumpsuit!

It is the season of giving.  Buying from Oxfam is a very stylish way to contribute to Oxfam’s  fight against poverty around the world.  Oxfam shops have brilliantly contributed over £20 million to raising money for victims of humanitarian crises in Yemen, West Africa and Syria, and those affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.   A great point is to buying something unique and affordable, wear it this party season, and beyond.

“It was an idea that came to me because I grew up with them – Mr. Men and Little Miss. They illustrated to me, at a young age, the variety of human behaviours and characters in a vivid way -there are all kinds of colours and characters of Mr Men and Little Miss and there’s all kinds of clothes for all sorts of people that you can buy in an Oxfam shop.  And they make people smile; the cause may be serious but you can still smile.”

Tim Walker


All pictures are c/o of Oxfam