2016 has had a pretty bad rep. The year has seen so many icons being taken and shock political upheavals that have actually made us rethink everything we think about the world. It is not all doom and gloom because if I have learnt anything in 2016 since my divorce,  what is actually important is how you deal with the downturns and disappointments. I have never looked more forward to a new year, and I wanted to use this space to document my personal hopes,  professional aspirations and industry predictions that I want to manifest in 2017.


adorngirl photography

No resolutions for me! I know what I want, and what am I am going to have to do to get it. I would much rather show you, then tell you. What I will say is that I am going to trust my gut, and work to making things more beautiful.

Black Mirror

Clio Peppiatt SS17 presenttion

I am looking forward to seeing more diversity in the industry. The generic standards of beauty are so boring, and I want to be able to open a magazine or shoot a show and see women that look like me. I want my daughter to be able to see successful women in the industry that also represent her. Although an amazing issue, it shouldn’t have been necessary for Vogue Italia to have a dedicated black issue.

More recently Model Deddeh Howard had to hold up a ‘black mirror’ to the fashion industry; she recreated classic editorials so you could see that a black woman would have just been as beautiful in the role. Beauty is so diverse, and the world isn’t just black and white.  It is not just about brown beauty, amazing plus size bloggers like Callie Thorpe, Danielle Vanier, Gabi Fresh, Chloe Pierre are killing us with confidence and showing us that you don’t have to conform to a particular size to be hot as hell. 2017 should be a move away from the normcore and embrace actual individuality.

Blogger Domination

adorngirl photography

Generic fashion print magazines are folding, and Editors and PR girls are becoming Bloggers. The Fashion industry as a whole is arguably an elitist entity that is so hard to actually break in to, the lucky few get the coveted spots, and they don’t leave. Blogging is so fascinating because it is a new industry that has thrived because of people’s willingness to create something from their own creativity. 2017 will be the year that blogging will dominate as brands will likely put influencer marketing as a priority.  Blogging has always been the space to create, showcase and muse. I hope this year has brands being more open to suggestions about collaborative projects, and campaigns from the ideas stage.

Experiences of a lifetime

2016 blog-wise was a great year and I rate my blog success by those amazing experiences.  2016 saw my lifelong dream of being centre court at Wimbledon thanks to Lavazza.  These experiences are the pinch me moments that made me thank my lucky stars that I am a Blogger,


Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh SS17 catwalk

Toast of Paris with Courvoisier

courvoisier toast of Paris tour


Field Day London at JagerHaus

field day london festival

A day at Wimbledon with Lavazza

wimbledon Djokovic centre court match

Pimm’s Cider cup

Pimms croquet lawn opens at the view from the shard

EatFirst festive supper club

eat first menu mushroom soup

Louis Vuitton Apartment

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums