I don’t even know exactly how many pictures I have taken over the years, but I have two hard drives. Once the images are edited, they are stored but there are literally hundreds (possibly thousands) of pictures that are sitting in folders taking up precious kbytes. I have taken the time to go through files and folders, and delete the images I know for a fact that I won’t need like the blurred shots, and events I know I will not blog about.   Having taken up the 365 day photo challenge it has been hard to create something from scratch every day, so has made me appreciate the pictures library I have unintentionally built up.

I definitely think there is something of worth going through unpublished work because it may be old to you, but it is still fresh to your reader. Fashion news is always moving so we are quick to always look to the new. Think about the cool catwalk shots you may have taken but didn’t have time to write about? or amazing flatlay or product that could actually work to illustrate a debate, or news piece. When creating my Editors letters and upcoming tips and hacks posts. I will be aiming to utilise my unpublished photos a lot more.

Liberty London jewellery

The pictures featured in this post are from a Liberty London jewellery breakfast showcase, I went to a while back and although the original  Annina Vogel vintage jewellery collection was so beautiful. In the end I didn’t post about it because I wasn’t happy with the selection of images, due to the low light, and was unable to interview the Designer.  So utilise your hard drive and start searching through those folders, you will be surprised at what you find and what new post you will be inspired by.