Valentines Day may be a time when you forget about the guys. Atypical flowers and chocolates are not exactly going to cut the mustard so  I asked my husband

Me. “What would like as a gift for Valentines day?

Him. “I don’t know, we don’t celebrate Valentines day.”

Me. “But if we did what would you want me to get you?”

Him.  “I don’t know, what I actually want.”

Valentines day gifts for him mood board


For those that do celebrate the holiday especially for lovers, just give him what he wants, it would make a change. Here are a few hot picks I am sure any man would love.

  • An experience- My husband loves every spare second he can muck around with  the kids, and I now he would appreciate a family portrait of us all together, being silly.
  • Skincare- You may as well go for Elemis, he borrows it from you anyway, so it is best to get the skincare that is actually tailored for him, in sleek black packaging.
  • Cologne- I love this John Varvatos eau de toilette it looks like a cool miniature whiskey bottle
  • Grooming Tools- Braun is his go to for a wet and dry shave.
  • Watch- A good watch will always be an appreciated buy.  A Seiko watch is classic and stylish
  • Tablet PC- Imagine the brownie points you would get if you gave him the acclaimed Surface or Lenovo, both created by Microsoft the tablet/laptop hybrids are great for both work and play.
  • Headphones- He loves to listen to music, so an over the ear Marley headset with a bold design is right up his street.

I am twisting his arm and making him take me out just because, and this Thomas Nash suit is what I would love for him to wear but when I pick his clothes it does not end well, so included in the mood board is the full Red Herring look he would more likely wear.

How will you be celebrating Valentines?