Imagine Geneva Part 1


Geneva is one of those cities that is so rich in history and culture, it was really a tough job, to whittle down a select few photos to give you a real flavour of the city.  This is just part one, in fact day one, of my press trip with the Geneva Tourist board to experience Geneva. A weekend break, the group was blessed with amazing weather and great company. Armed with our free transport card issued by Hotel N’vy ( Public transport is free for all tourists) we walked, went across the water by boat, and discovered the city through public transport. It was important to see Geneva in the everyday, and show how a regular holiday goer would navigate the streets. Sandrina Palomera our city tour guide had such an infectious passion for Genevan history, it made the top attractions, and landmarks such as the Old Town come alive. The lake seemed central to everything, the Jet d’Eau the famous water fountain shooting 140 metres into the sky took centre stage, pumping about 500 litres of water a second.


There was a real sense of calm, walking along the clean streets, there was an obvious good standard of living as we passed old men playing giant chess boards in the park; and children playing in the playground.  To wind down the day we had dinner at restaurant du Parc des Eaux Vives, the view was truly captivating set right off the park with full view of the lake. If you want the restaurant can provide a gourmet picnic basket to enjoy on the grass.

Geneva definitely made a great first impression, look out for part two where I take you on a guided tour of the wine tasting fest that is the open cellars.