I don’t know about you but I think 2015 has been all about the empowerment of women. It’s true that girls rule the world but is so overdue that both men and women stand up and really take credit, for the fact that we are fact killing it in. Sorry to be quoting from the same Beyonce song again but its true that we are strong enough to bear the children and get back  to business. I myself am a full-time mother of four kids aged ten and under and not only do I spend my day cooking cleaning, running household errands and trying to input life lessons into beings that essentially only want to eat junk and watch TV. I respond daily to a full inbox, take product photography for three blogs, and start writing late in the evening finishing whatever time in the morning until necessary. Its fine though I am a woman, so what’s the next thing? Bring it on.

There are select iconic women in fashion and this post is highlighting the powerhouse that is Vivienne Westwood. Who in the fashion industry other than Vivienne Westwood says take me as I am, and simultaneously puts two fingers up to the things in the world she hates, whilst getting things done by maintaining an iconic business and brand that has spanned five decades. For the first time Dame Vivienne Westwood has written a self titled personal memoir. Published by Picador, the Designer collaborated with award-winning Biographer Ian Kelly, to tell the exclusive account of her life.

Vivienne Westwood book

Will I like it?

I don’t know. Read it for yourself. What I can tell you is that this isn’t a boring memoir of facts and figures, but a full rounded embodiment of the story behind the woman. From life affirming quotes from the woman herself to the people who know her. This candid book chronicles her life in fashion and activism and is more than a worthy addition to your fashion library.