I don’t know about you but I am essentially a carer.  I give and give and this not something I want to change because I love the feeling of helping others and feeling a satisfaction that I have made a difference to their day. My fault  is that I don’t find enough time for myself, and start from there. For the longest time I tended to look outwards rather than doing things selflessly for me.  From now on I am going to actively try to do the little things every single day, that make me happy. Just because.

Have a treat

It is not about promoting an unhealthy lifestyle here but we have all heard the saying chocolate comes from cocoa which comes out of a tree, that makes it a plant, therefore chocolate counts as a salad. So if you are going to indulge in a treat, go with the luxury that is the Godiva Christmas chocolate box.  I advise you to have one piece every day.


My art is something I have let slip by the wayside, and the art of calligraphy can be very therapeutic.  There is beauty in mark making with Winsor and Newton drawing inks.

Get a bouquet

bouquet of flowers
Buy fresh flowers because a fresh bouquet  will lift any mood and will make for a beautiful display.

Next Lingerie

next lingerie

Whether someone sees it or not, get that matching underwear. I guarantee you will feel more confident and pulled together before you even get dressed, and if you already do this, and are thinking what is this girl talking about? I do this anyway, I apologise because I never bothered. Again I have to stress I never bothered with matching underwear, I actually wore underwear.  With the new release of Next lingerie  the range caters to my fuller bust, in a variety of gorgeous styles, in matching sets.

Make life beautiful

make your life beautiful book


Camilla Morton curated an inspiring D.I.Y book that is so different than anything I have seen before. Make life beautiful is a series of tutorials and interviews from the creative who’s who of the fashion industry from Nick Knight’s perfect cup of tea to Holly Fulton’s graphic necklace template.  This page turner is something to get lost in and recreate the beautiful projects again, and again.

make your life beautiful 3