I must admit when I requested to review the We go to the gallery book, published by Dung beetle learning, I honestly thought it was a children’s book. The vintage  illustrated cover of a family draws you in into a false sense of comfort that this can be added to your children’s bookcase. Please don’t, this is just for the adults.

we go to the gallery book review

‘We Go To The Gallery’ is the first in a planned series of books by Miriam Elia, offering a satirical take on the classic 1960s publications which introduced young children to read and write.’

Let’s just say I am glad that I read the book myself before it was a bedtime story for the kids. Lol. The adult theme straight up pokes fun at the kind of classic books that gives kids key vocabulary to add to their everyday language. Conceptual art can be uncomfortable to describe to kids especially when there are overt adult themes, but the book even its satirical way, has quite a blunt and open no nonsense way of tackling the ridiculous, that in all seriousness I might just use. This book is Sarcastic, but equally endearing and my new favourite.  Beautifully illustrated by Miriam and co-written with her brother Ezra Elia, expect the highly anticipated second and third instalments in the series to be published later in the year.