Tapas Revolution


I don’t think I will ever look at fast food again the same way after the excursion to shepherds Bush to review the Tapas Revolution restaurant.  Located on the balcony at Westfield London Tapas revolution is a bar set admist the buzz of the shopping crowd, but after a while you actually forget as you are lost in great food, and good company.  When I say fast food I am not talking about greasy fries, and burgers but delicious authentic Spanish dishes prepared by chef Omar Allibhoy.  Tapas (which I finally learned) is essentially a wide variety of appetizers where sharing is encouraged. I was a bit weary of the small portions but by the end of the evening I was positively satisfied and full, it has a way of creeping up on you.

The evening started with a 500ml jug of Sangria to accompany the platter of lovely salty  Jamon Iberico de bellota de Guijuelo (iberico ham) another first for me as I don’t like red wine, but red wine mixed with lemonade and fresh fruit, absolutely delicious. Even something as simple as Pan con tomate (tomato with bread) was lovely, Chef Omar explained how it was all in the fresh ingredients and the seasoning of each dish. Every new course that was delivered became my favourite.  Fried calamari, the anchovies, the octopus potato with squid, the asparagus and roasted tomatoes with a nut sauce; heaven.   The dish that made me do a double take was the croquettes with squid ink, it was a bit un-nerving as the thick black sauce that oozed when cut, but it was a subtle taste of the sea, again fresh.  I had to have two helpings of the tender beef skewers,  the sauce was well seasoned with a mild spice , I could have done with a hotter kick but was still good nonetheless.Dessert was Churro and shot glass of melted  chocolate, a slightly savoury cinnamon dusted warm doughnut shaped like long fingers meant for dipping in a creamy milk chocolate sauce; when the churros are done, drink. the. sauce.

The convenience of the bar means not having to wait in long queues and can be a quick pit stop between shops, under your counter is a handy hook to safely hang your bags. Open from  11am-10pm they serve breakfast lunch and dinner so completely up to you if you want to relax with a cava or grab a churro to go. prices start from as little as £1.95 for starters, £4.50 for quality deep-fried baby squid and £11 per person for the sharing set menu.  There is also a tapas Revolution in Bluewater. check out the Adorngirl Facebook page for even more pictures from the evening

Pulpo a la Gallega (octopus and potato with paprika)


The Balcony
Westfield London
Shepherd’s Bush
London W12 7SL

Upper Mall
Kent DA9 9ST