Peckham Levels

As a Photographer, I can't help but get excited by the creative community space that has opened on my doorstep.  Peckham has always been such an incredible hub,ans one I have been lucky to grow up in. With the opening of Peckham  Levels, it further cements Peckham

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London LifeAshanti Jason
An Amara Christmas

The winter chill has truly set in, the Christmas adverts have aired, and the countdown is definitely on for Christmas.  This year I wanted to be a bit more alternative, opulent and glam so opted for

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FlatlayAshanti Jason
Don't forget to add rum

Whilst chatting to one of my closest friends in probably the second hour of our marathon call (that was probably about nothing, that's how we roll) she started coughing, and I straight up rolled my eyes.  Please hear me out before you start thinking, that's a bit cold, no?

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Seriously fuck the fear of missing out, in life, love and your career.  Believe me you are not missing out on anything. I can say this with the most absolute confidence because, who lived it knows it.  I was living a life of actually missing out since I was young.  We were

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MusingsAshanti Jason