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I'm baack.  I know you are probably thinking 'bitch you didn't go nowhere.' Well technically I didn't, but I have had a blogging hiatus of two months to give this blog a huge overhaul.   It wasn't just a change of theme (I have done that a couple of times before) which is a click of the mouse, and a couple of weeks of optimising old posts to fit said theme. I have broken up with Wordpress, self hosting on Bluehost, and have shamelessly shacked up with the new kids on the block, Squaresapce. Keep an eye out for my pros and cons of Squarespace journal entry.


Why? Just like my marriage, where I stayed too long with a f*ck boy, in my career I had hit blogger and creative fatigue. Pure and simple. I was churning out content that I was not completely happy with and I didn't feel enthusiastic when it came time to sit at the computer and get work done. I lost my way because I was too caught up in the rules. Now I am just focusing on doing things my way. Alongside the new design, will be new features like mood boards, flatlays and visual stories. I am also going to be showcasing commissioned work, how it came about and my process.


This move has meant a lot of necessary decluttering, a lot of posts have been sidelined to be rejigged, and published anew, whilst others have been kicked to the recycling bin. I am so excited about the posts in the works! You would think that two months was long enough to get everything done, but there are still kinks that I will be working on. My time was spent between this, the kids, commissioned photography work for brands, and remembering to clean under the sofa. Nothing is perfect, and I am not going to wait until it is.  


what to expect?

I am a Photographer that blogs, so Adorngirl is going to be a living lifestyle portfolio. So expect more video content alongside the stills.  I love to create, and this is where my passion lies.  My living journal will be photography led focusing on musings, product styling, fashion & beauty and London life.  Sponsored content will fit seamlessly ( but will be plainly disclosed); I am really up for working and collaborating with other Creatives, Models, Bloggers and industry insiders, so please get in touch.  Got a cool idea for a shoot? need me to shoot behind the scenes on a look book? Need me to run a photography or flatlay workshop?

Let me know.  Let's go, I'm ready.

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