Photographer Bucket List

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Checking the list & checking it twice

I definitely met a major goal when I shot street style at Paris fashion week, and it got me thinking about other Photography challenges that I want to set myself and achieve. When I first started blogging all I really wanted was to be an Insider within the fashion industry, and I never take for granted being able to go backstage at London Fashion week, and shooting behind the scenes. I am a big believer in putting out into the universe what I want, and working hard to get it. It feels great to have this platform to be able to come back to and cross things off, and add to the list.


My Photography Bucket List

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Publish a book

Practice developing film

Shoot behind the scenes of a major film set

Go to an epic event and not take pictures and just enjoy it real time.

Commission and create a major shoot

Shoot street style at international fashion weeks

Shoot behind the scenes Tim Walker editorial


Shoot at a Paris couture show

Photograph inside a Couture atelier

Complete a Fashion Photography course

Shoot a Chanel catwalk show

Create a visual world travel diary

Capture the Eiffel tower at night

Be commissioned by a major magazine

Meet Tim Walker

Build a camera