Aperture depth of Field


A visual aid of depth of field

-I am a self taught, and to be honest my eyes glaze over every time I get into the really technical jargon of photography. I am a very visual person so I thought it best to put together this selection of photos to show you firsthand how that pesky F stop, impacts the picture in terms of depth of field.  Depth of field simply means how much of whatever is in front of the lens is in focus.

Taken with my Canon 80d, as that F stop number goes up, the smaller the aperture gets. This in turn makes the picture get darker the higher the f stop number because less light is able to get in. This is why f1.8 is so covetable.  It is great for shooting in low light, and for that romantic bokeh; but as you can see by the very first image in this post, the closest point is the only part of the picture that will be in focus. 


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