Is Attending London Fashion Week Still Relevant for Bloggers?

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Right now I am personally feeling a bit blah.  I miss the sun. Black people are not conditioned to live in these grey conditions. This feeling of really not giving f#$%cks coincides with London Fashion Week, but it weirdly hasn’t been able to take me out of this blah-ness.  Maybe I am just getting old, and miserable because at the thought of LFW, I actually groaned. LFW is fabulous, but there is also a sense of monotony. I really don't want to have a buy a new outfit. Would it be really that weird, if I wore what you saw me in last fashion week? I would much rather invest in the latest Krispy Kreme dozen.



Will the brand that I have worked with for years, even have my name on the backstage list, that they confirmed me for? How many sorry! there is limited space emails will I get this season? Although said brand will add me to their press list, and bore me with their press releases of amazing events they threw, but didn’t invite me to, but would LOVE for me to blog about. Will I be on the row behind the last row, but still be expected to produce the amazing shots that looked like I was Frow. Ugh, maybe I am in a kind of Blogger fatigue.

This year I was resigned to not going at all, but compromised by attending the brands that invited me.  I was even hopeful that seeing a stream of show coverage on my social feed would give me life, but I am seeing not much. Where is everyone? Aside from glimmers of hotness (thank you Danielle Vanier) So far just a whole lot of lounge makeovers, selfies, faux squads, and insta-story boomerangs of the odd looks. It just really made me think, what is the point of it all? Bloggers get a bad rep, but sometimes we are giving it to them on a platter, all face tuned, pouting and photoshopped.


Bloggers banged down the door to get in, and now we are in. Whilst having to prove to the BFC that we have supported British fashion in the past six months, and have more than 10,000 unique visitors to boot.  This time a few years ago, there would have been full catwalk reports on blogs, for me to read through at the end of each day.  Now, a social media shout out will do, if you have the numbers. Is it just me, or does it seem like some are wondering around fashion week lounges and parties like un-assigned Sims characters, not really doing anything with this amazing opportunity.  Is Fashion week still relevant for Bloggers? Have we regressed from that burst of energy and excitement at attending, when you all needed to be registered was a business card?

Topshop street style

Bloggers changed the Industry.

Before Bloggers and social media, we all had to wait until the magazine edit.  Those few women (in my opinion, don’t actually dress that amazing themselves) told us about the common threads between the season. Of course cherry picking their advertisers.  Since Bloggers started to attend, I have discovered a hell of a lot more diverse brands, and emerging Designers, hence Fashion Scout having a new lease of life in the past few years. I no longer get excited about the special magazine round-up issues. I have already seen it, I was there.  Artfully bent out of shape to catch the model in the sweet spot between the rows, un-encumbered by someone's ridiculously big latex plastic head.

Bloggers are at the forefront of great street style.

It is important to look to not just what people are actually wearing, but how they wear it, and Designers have in the past been inspired by what they have seen on the street. Vogue, and industry insiders before them put bloggers on blast for peacocking, but have completely copied the formula replicating on the cusp street looks on their online platforms, which are really just fancy blogs. You can't deny that Bloggers have style.

Curated Content.

Bloggers are now the insiders and we are getting exclusive access to what will be available before everyone else. We can run with it, and curate amazing content by what we have seen backstage and on the catwalk. I don't know about you but I am too impatient to wait for the style. com gallery to load.  That repetitive militant straight on shot is bland and after a while each Designer looks blends into another. At one time I lived vicariously through Susie Bubble reports, it is laughable even now that she is still one of the few on the front row with a camera taking pictures. I strive to make my readers feel like they are also there, with my photography and not just churn out stock images from Getty.


Most Bloggers don’t even blog about the show.


  It is not a rant if its true, and I am really bored of the Bloggers that rock up and tweet/instagram their ticket and what they wore, and somehow their job is done. How you cover the event needs to be relevant to your blog and audience, so can make sense to what your readers want.  I get that. but what is the point of bringing that fancy Pen, if you are not going to use it? Or at least swap seats with me, so I can get I better shot, because I am actually working, and sending these images to people.




 Taking a photo of yourself inside the venue is not showcasing the Designers talent or hard work. For all we know, you could be in the back of a cab on your way to Aldi. Every seat taken up by a Blogger is a seat which could have been given to a buyer or tend forecaster, who will be able to use the pieces in an Editorial. Again stop feeding the hype. That face-tuned selfie/ lap shot you just took will look perfect as a screen grab under the caption magazines are bound to use, "Bloggers are not journalists," with the byline why are Bloggers still at fashion week?

They want to be seen, but aren't going to any shows. 

The tactic of hanging outside show venues to be street styled used to work back in the day, to propel you within the blogging industry. Even today I saw a few girls walk past the same group of photographers over and over again, to get snapped. They were blatantly looking out  the side of their cat eye sunglasses hoping we would all take notice. They forget that this doesn't work if those Photographers don't ask your name. Believe, close-ups are going in a  trend gallery, and no one is still not going to know who you are.

They only go to lounges.

Girl, get your makeup and your hair did, I am all for it because you have to look good attending the show. Wait.... you are not going to any show? or presentation. So why are you here? If you want a makeover attend those department store evening where you can pay a set amount and get a discount on products.  Just hitting up lounges doesn't make you part of fashion week.  Harsh? Honestly, I am just aiming this at the ones who do their LFW round-up of their LFW experience, but weren't actually there. One season this girl did this whole week recap of her fashion week outfits on the cobbles at Somerset house...Umm bitch, didn't you read the memo about the change ofvenue. We were all at that grubby car park.

topshop street style






Whatever side you come down on, I think that how we experience fashion week needs to change.  The BFC have put into motion making the trade show more commercial, for the public with the LFW festival and events, I assume to claw back funds as more on schedule Designers are not showing at the actual BFC space.  As a trade event, it still needs a shake up. There was a genuine attempt at incorporating Bloggers a few years back, in which one of the prestigious members of the panel, who more than fit the criteria, could not be credited at that tiny desk. So in effect was not good enough to be seen as a BFC credited Blogger.  I repeat she was on their official Blogger panel.


*All photos were taken by me outside Topshop AW17


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