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What is a cinemagraph anyway?

A cinemgraph is essentially a gif, but a part animated photograph that loops seamlessly. It brilliantly  combines the best of photography and video, making you look twice.  I am still getting to grips with the whole editing process but I have found what works for me, tweaking in Photoshop.

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How to buy a camera

I am going to start the post with something a little controversial.   I really don't think it matters which camera you buy. I have a Canon, but other reputable brands like Leica and Nikon produce some incredible photography. Different models within each brand are arguably better than others, but you don't need the most expensive camera to make an impactful image

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Stay Adorned

Opening 2018 with a clear intent and starting as I mean to go on.  I am excited because all I want to do is to keep creating something beautiful, and I look forward to doing that with upcoming collaborations and commissions.  Let me show you rather than tell you, so keep watching for what I have in store.

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Aperture depth of Field

I am self taught, and to be honest my eyes glaze over every time I get into the really technical jargon of photography. I am a very visual person so I thought it best to put together this selection of photos to show you firsthand how that pesky F stop impacts the picture in terms of depth of field. 

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