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Commission: Lady in red

Always a pleasure shooting outfit pictures for Reena Rai an industry insider and fashion lifestyle blogger from Fashion Daydreams. We loved this look so much we decided to film it. So expect 30 seconds of style outside Tate Modern see more details on her blog.

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Is Attending London Fashion Week Still Relevant for Bloggers?

Right now I am personally feeling a bit blah.  I miss the sun. Black people are not conditioned to live in these grey conditions. This feeling of really not giving f#$%cks coincides with London Fashion Week, but it weirdly hasn’t been able to take me out of this blah-ness.  Maybe I am just getting old, and miserable because at the thought of LFW, I actually groaned. LFW is fabulous,

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The LFW ss17 street style edit

You have to admit that style watching is just as much a cornerstone of fashion week,  as the catwalk show. Aisde from one major peacocking incident at Teatum Jones; I cried out "everyone put your cameras down, it's just want they want! don't encourage it." This season I have had major style envy, and spotted exciting emerging micro trends.

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