Change sucks. As much as change is definitely a great thing it can also be one of those inconvenient things that come along when you are so comfortable and then bam! nothing is the same again. I am pretty weird and sort of in the Sheldon from Big Bang camp, that if I find something I like I want it to stay just like that, but obviously that is not how life works. Right now juggling family life and this blog I am actually going through something that is pretty tough but I have surrounded myself with amazing friends, and my beloved family to deal with my snotty tears when I am feeling down, these moments thankfully are becoming few and far between. The best thing I am finding is not thinking too much on the loss and being more proactive in moving forward.

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Having this blog has proved to be so amazing in so many ways, and even writing this is so therapeutic. It ia good to talk and no good comes from keeping things bottled up you will feel worse in the long run, plus if you don't let it out uncontrollable tears could overtake you in an embarrassingly public place.  I know I am going to be fine. In fact I am fine, I am just relly looking forward to the next chapter.

There will be more posts this November and I am especially excited to show you what I have curated for my Christmas gift guides.

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