D.I.Y your life

Things  are not the way they used to be. For Blogging, it can be said these are the best of times, these are the worst of times. Have you felt that things are so different? Blogs are following the same photography style, and design formula, and the fake until you make it generation, actually pulling it off. Notably girls who are rumoured to have bought their followers invited to exclusive dinners and events, because of their social following. Content is still King but where we host that content is so different from six years ago when I first started. Social media was completely secondary to your blog, the last prong just to remind people that there was a new post to see. All the focus was making the blog ne innovative interesting and beautiful. Remember when you bothered to post on Facebook? Back in the day you asked for someone's business card to catch up on their blog, and now you ask for their social handle.

Thanks to the visual beast that is Instagram, some 'Bloggers' don't even have a blog; preferring to attain that elusive insta-fame. That is why there I such a panic about the insta algorithm which is essentially putting the content you tend to like most at the top of your feed, rather than chronological. There seems to be a fear that the change will bring down engagement and affect organic growth. I think we are missing the whole point. I must admit I am not happy with change, if it ain't broke don't fix it, Instagram need to focus on cracking down on the sleazy porn accounts and the fake followers, instead. This is really about being able to place ads at the top of your feed and just like Facebook I am sure an option will come around to have your posts be more visible at a price.

This is really the opportunity to create something great that will make people want to press like, and want to follow you. As Bloggers we are in a very lucky position right now, we are essentially carving out our own career paths. In a time of collaborations and the importance of actual influence, we can do what we want. Imagine. If you are willing to work  for it, this is the time to truly be creative and follow your instinct.

Westminster BA Fashion Graduate catwalk 2013

original catwalk photography by me

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