Editors Musings: The Best Advice I Was Ever Given

  It was probably around five years ago, on a Tuesday evening  I was sitting in a classroom at London College of Fashion waiting for a special guest speaker. Being on the part-time fashion business course it was commonplace to  hear industry experts and she was running a little late. This tall lithe model like creature with a thick Welsh accent came bursting in making apologies, taking off her coat and talking a mile a minute. She was a trend researcher for WGSN and her talk was all about how she got into the industry the importance of trends, and inner workings of leading powerhouse that was. and still is the leading trend agency. When she got to the subject of hiring and internships, my interest was piqued, it seemed like an amazing place to work.


People always ask how I got into blogging and it stemmed from being the only one in the class who didn't have a paid job.  I was a full-time mother, and had strong grades when it came to my written assignments and no one could take me in a debate. I worried that because I didn't work and couldn't intern it would be hard to get a job, so I created a blog, but the seeds of possibility were opened up by that guest speaker Cassie Fitzpatrick which set me on my blogging pathway. She said the easiest way to know who a person was and their creativity was their blog. It was a visual way to show what they were about how they would fit within WGSN. she said 'so start a blog.'  Around that time I was only familiar with Style Bubble, and didn't realise that world would be open to me, but Cassie's confident words of encouragement has set me on a creative rollercoaster that I wouldn't change for the world.

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