Editors Letter: When life gives you lemons

  I hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday, right now I am covered in gold glitter ( it is not what you think) my day started off with a lot of faffing around trying to  capture the above image. What I could physically see was not lining up with what I could see through the camera lens, and it didn't help that my natural light was constantly changing with every passing cloud ( why must the earth turn when I get the chance to take some pictures?).  That nonchalant lifestyle shot," just decided to take this" orchestrated desktop is tricky. I turned on my computer to upload the images and the message from windows saying we are just getting your computer ready, was not a good sign, as much as much as it looked pretty with flashing colours.

My misgivings were right somehow my logging off watching Netflix last night to this morning my computer had reset, no tiles on the screen, even my desktop looked like some kind of 80's basic version, and of course I was panicking.  I was already cussing PC World for not honouring their commitment to fix my machine even though I had been paying insurance for the past couple of years (FYI I hadn't even contacted them yet) and it seemed like it was going to be one of those days where even the simplest tasks would take all day. Nonetheless I used a bit of common sense and managed to find the command to restore my system and voila it is back all is good with the world.  Is it strange that you only appreciate things until they don't work any more?

A post I loved from last week was from Hayley of London Beauty Queen I am a Blogger. Respect my work. This is a great post because it just goes to show that however big your blog gets, there are still people out there who take advantage, and it is about knowing your worth. Definitely worth a read  I have been running this blog for four years and I felt the need to reassess, because blogging seemed to be becoming a chore. Now the twins go to nursery part-time I have less time to go to certain places as it doesn't leave me enough time. This letter marks a new turning point for Adorngirl nothing too major I assure you, I am just adding a bit more structure, and lots of fresh new content to the fold. The letter will be a chance to give you an update of what I have been doing posts from other bloggers that I am loving and possibly a forum for you? This week expect a cool book review, with lots more posts for Adorngirl beauty which will include a simple way to adorn your beauty storage  ( hence the gold glitter). Don't forget to catch up on the most popular post from  last week which was the Preview of the V&A wedding dresses

Last but not least drop me a comment if there are certain kinds of topics or subjects that you would like to see, I know you are there I see my bar charts on my server, but it would be nice to get to know YOU a little better.