The Blogging Green Eyed Monster, the evils of comparison

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Everyone says it, but it is so, true, blogging is really not what it used to be. When I started just over seven years ago, my circle was small.  It was all about engaging with comments on the blogs you loved, and flipping out when you, got a coveted invite to a press day. That realisation that "what? I can go to fashion week?!!!!," was an absolute euphoric feeling. Now it seems to be a constant comparison game that brands and PR seem to have put on us, (because it is a numbers game) and heck we put on ourselves.  We have turned into "oooooh, why did she get this, and I didn't?" I am not even going to lie, and say oh I used to do that, I literally said that just the other day, and I am going to stop. We all have that one girl who only comments on your your tweet, or insta when you have something hot, in hope the brand will notice them too.   Instagram has become the instant window to see exactly what you didn't get invited to, and FOMO is rife, but that doesn't mean another opportunity won't arise.

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Why it is important to focus on your own lane

When it comes to blogging the little green eye monster seems to be rearing its big ugly head, and it doesn't really benefit anyone. There is this philosophy in The Secret, which states along the lines of the more you talk about someone, the more the universe gives you the opportunity to talk about them; as if the universe is manifesting your excuse to complain because it assumes it is what you like to do. Sophia Amoroso summed it up perfectly in #Girlboss "I conjured that bitch." So from now on, my mantra as well as taking active steps is, money is going to rain from the sky, I am going to be the next Tim Walker and be prepared for more wanderlust to exotic places, because that is what I want the universe to generate.

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