Everyone just stop what you are doing we have been doing it all wrong, all wrong. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago waiting at fashion week did I realise that we have all been taking selfies the wrong way.  Let me paint you a picture, the Tata Naka presentation is just finishing setting up, so I had Abi, and Kris in stitches with my flair for small talk ( yes that's how I roll, and no they were also smiling with their eyes not just their mouths)  and Toni with his usual dapper self is striking a pose, but the thing is he was putting his best foot forward to a white wall. What kind of foolishness....? He was actually balancing his phone on the wall and was taking his classic editorial selfie  with the Sony QX10 lens.  I have always admired his instagram feed, and it was one of those mini realisations of oooh that's how you do it! 10x optical zoom you attach to your smartphone, and with a simple self timer, and the play memories app,  you are good to go. The third image is a screen grab directly from Fashitects Instagram from how the image actually looked.

Disclaimer: You are not Toni, so selfies should become more fabulous, but you still have to use your imagination.  Fool don't put it down just anywhere, when trying to get a full shot, bitch it can be stolen, make sure its not too far that you can't chase the person down ( sorry for being cautious I have lived in South East London all my life)



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