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I have been blogging for just over six years and I have seen the idea of blogging become, "oh its just a girl in her bedroom," to be recognised as a sub industry in its own right, within the fashion Industry. Technically my workspace is in my bedroom, but from that computer, I am able to create, plan shoots, and collaborate with brands. Bloggers are now seen as Influencers, and in a just a few more years I predict being a Blogger will be a viable career option alongside long-standing fashion career paths such as Editor, fashion Designer and Buyer.

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The Apartment have always been a creative hub where Bloggers have been able to relax, work and organically create content.  The Apartment x Dell sessions curated a series of courses over   two days covering topics from VAT, to the analytics behind blogging. All sessions werefocused on providingadditional toolsto take your online presence and brand to the next level.  With all creative industries, there is always more to learn, so I signed up to Park & Cube's graphic design toolkit workshop.


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It was the Park and Cube blog where I initially got inspiration for my photography. Back then we were all stumbling around and finding our feet creatively, and looking at Park & Cube made me think, "oh that is what Photography is supposed to look like," and I worked much harder on my own imagery. Set in the intimate space of the Pinterest worthy Bourne and Hollingsworth building I couldn't wait to see what Shini had come up with.

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She didn't disappoint! It was a fun easy-going session that had a mix of her valuable graphic Design  expertise and lovely goofy personality that put everyone at ease.  The workshop was primarily focused on typography. Your signature is your own so she really hit home about using the medium to complement your brand. The tools are something I can not only use for Adorngirl, but in my photography jobs too. Here is what I took away from the workshop:

What is your branding?  What do people associate with you, and would they be able to recognise your work without seeing your blog header.

Mix it up. Look to magazine editorials when it comes to the deign of each blog post, we have to scroll, but let's look to more than just two by two galleries.


Add columns. Again magazines, and newspapers are an inspiration because we tend to read in columns rather than long lines of text.


Your tools. Whether using a Wacom tablet or ink and brushes to draw out words, then scan into the computer. Create yourself, rather than sourcing hand written typography, than everyone has access to.


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