Don't forget to add rum

Honey and lemon 3.jpg

keep away the chill

unless  its Netflix & chill


Whilst chatting to one of my closest friends in probably the second/third hour of our marathon call (that was probably about nothing, that's how we roll) she started coughing, and I straight up rolled my eyes.  Please hear me out before you start thinking, that's a bit cold, no?  She is the worst at taking care of herself when she gets a cold or cough. I really can't stress how frustrating it is when she lets her cough roll on for 2-3 weeks. Even her mother was like seriously?! Don't worry I set her straight. Bitch this is 2017, umm cough medicine or at least let's get basic with some good old honey lemon, and a splash of rum.  Don't forget the rum.

I like to flatlay